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11.30.08 | Comment?

This post rounds out what I have from the 2008 NASW conference in Palo Alto.

These are presented in no particular order.

First up, here’s a talk by Prof. Cliff Nass of Stanford about robots that can disobey humans and howwe can build a world of more harmonious human-machine interaction. He’s a very lively speaker.

Here’s a panel discussion about how science writers and journalists can take advantage of “new media”:

Next, here’s audio of Bruce Lahn of HHMI, talking about frontiers of stem cell research:

Stem Cells Bruce Lahn by mainsequence

Next up, a panel discussion about science writing for kids featuring representatives of Science News for Kids, National Geographic Kids, Highlights, and Scholastic publications.

Science Writing for Kids by mainsequence

Here’s a talk about psycopathy by Kent Kiehl

Psychopathy Kent Kiehl by mainsequence

The science of security or, “how I learned to love the people at the airport who make you take off your shoes…” by David Atkinson of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

National Security David Atkinson by mainsequence

Dark matter by astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter

Dark Matter Saul Perlmutter by mainsequence

How to know when clinical trials are misleading by Lisa Bero:

Clinical Trials Lisa Bero by mainsequence

Finally, Robert Bloomfield of Cornell talks about virtual worlds and how they can be used to study markets and economies:

Robert Bloomfield on Virtual Worlds at NASW 2008 by mainsequence

That’s it–for now–with the “writing about writing about science” posts.  More music and actual science writing coming shortly…

To complete the NASW post experience, check out these previously posted nuggets:

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