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The following questions are meant to assess a student’s understanding of free-fall and simple conservation of energy and momentum. They would be appropriate for either AP or Introductory college Physics for non-majors (no Calculus required). I assume that a student knows the basic equations for free-fall, conservation of energy, and conservation of momentum and that g represents acceleration due to gravity, equal to 9.8 m/s^2.

Question 1:

Question1 from Main Sequence on Vimeo.

What else must you know to calculate how high the ball bounces?

A) Mass of the ball
B) Height of initial drop
C) Elasticity of the ball (Coefficient of Restitution)
D) Radius of the ball
E) All of the above

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Question 2:

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From what height was the ball dropped?

A) 1.39 meters
B) 2.79 meters
C) 5.22 meters
D) Not enough information

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